Acupuncture, the 5000 year old chinese healing technique is by today worldwide accepted and its success has been scientifically proven. Also on animals and especially horses success rate is amazing and many acupuncturists worldwide help and heal horses constantly.
Acupuncture is a very potent tool to relieve horses from backpains (unluckily very common in horses and mostly deriving from unfit saddles and poor riding abilities). Also most cases of undefined limping disappear within a few treatments.
All chronic sicknesses (arthritis, arthrosis, asthma, chronic cough, stomach problems, laminitis, and many more) can sometimes be healed and always be improved.
Also acute sicknesses like a flu or open wounds will heal much faster if assisted by acupuncture treatments.

Redlight Therapy

Therapy with redlight and infrared light has a long tradition and proved itself intensively. I use red light to acupuncture – as it works faster and goes in deeper than needles – and to treat pain, inflammation and wounds with a very potent „red light pad“, enabling me to treat larger surfaces.

Herbs for Horses

In nature all animals look for different herbs for different health issues. This behavior is scientifically proven for elephants, monkeys and also horses. But our horses dont live in nature anymore and therefore cant use their instincts to eat the right herbs to heal themselves.
Therefore I am helping them. I choose herbs with certain characteristics for certain health problems and offer them dried or fresh one by one (and not premixed!) to the horse. The horse chooses what he likes and what he needs and then gets these herbs on a daily basis for a few weeks or months.
Horses instincts are great and I rely on the horses choices – and my success rate has proven me right.


Aromatherapy is a widely accepted tool to treat people and animals, also with a lot of scientific proof. In the USA even hospitals nowadays treat patients with aromatherapy by spreading certain essential oils in the departments.
Also on horses it works great. I use them to diagnose and to treat and lots of times let the horse choose with me the essential oils they need.

Custom-made Products

From essential oils and plant oils of very high quality I make highly concentrated and potent cremes, clays, ointments and gels for all kind of health problems. From fly spray to anti itching gel to wound clay or anti inflammation oils.

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